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ReStore renovations continue

The renovations to Cape Cod’s Habitat ReStore are moving along, but slowly.

Fred For those of you who saw the store last summer, many areas of the store were separated by sheet rock and cinder block walls. So to access each section customers had to walk across the parking lot. Two months ago openings were cut through the walls allowing for total access, but traveling from one end of the building to the other was confusing – and some customers have missed a section. More recently, wide openings have been created so that customers can now travel in a straight line.

outside Completion is expected sometime this summer. That’s after the plumbing, electric work, insulation, sheet rock, and plastering, and painting. If you’re wondering why the project isn’t moving faster, the reason is simple: Most of the construction work takes place two days a week which allows the store to continue to be open four days a week.

So please pardon our appearance as we improve, and thank you for your patience.

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