Bird feeder rain guards from light fixtures

By: Jim and Pat Tostevin

Bird Feeder


After buying one unexciting plastic dome-shaped rain guard for a bird feeder, we decided there must be a better way – and there is!

We spotted a vintage glass and brass chandelier shade in a thrift store for less than the $8 we paid for the dome from the birdseed store. It struck us that with some sealing of vent holes, removal of electrical cords and sockets and the addition of a couple of hooks, we could have a much more decorative rain guard for our bird feeders. Now we have a large metal arbor hanging outside our large living room window with about 10 chandeliered feeders and lights.

The chandeliers used are various shapes, made with beveled glass panels in brass holders. Standard lamp nipples, nuts, hooks and loops are available from hardware or lighting stores. The only limits to how they are used are the places you have to hang them, the shapes and sizes of shades you can find and the variety of feeders and lights to hang under them.

It’s fun to include some solar lights. Inexpensive pathway lights can be used – just discard the stake.

We used plastic hole plugs of various sizes, which are also available at hardware stores, to seal the vent holes in the tops of the chandeliers, usually with a little silicone sealant to keep them in place. We even have a happy little Buddha in a bird’s nest under one of ours!

The chandeliers weather very well. We’ve never had to repair one because of corrosion or breakage. Because of lots of bird activity, however, we do need to do an annual wash down. Hanging them with lightweight clips or carabineers facilitates taking them down for cleaning.

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