The case for using old furniture on Cape Cod

The Cape Cod Habitat for Humanity ReStoreAs the furniture section of Cape Cod’s ReStore expands we are seeing a wider variety of furniture: new, old, and antique. It’s interesting to see the differences, and to be honest, we’re gaining an appreciation of how things were made in the past. Years ago furniture was made with pride and high quality materials. There was less commercialization, and unlike today’s mass productions, flimsy materials such as plywood and particle board were not used. Drop Leaf DeskSince many of the items were custom made, a couple ordering a bedroom set might have to wait three months – but it was not planned to be obsolete after a few months, or to break down after a couple of years. Put simply, it was meant to last, and it was often used by the next generation. We also admire the appearance of much of the vintage furniture, especially the hand crafting sections, the rounded edges, and the overall attention to detail.

The case for buying used verses new furniture lies strongly in how well you can make the used furniture integrate into your home. A lot of money can be saved by purchasing high quality used items – if you can find them. Well, here’s the good news: On Cape Cod it’s easy to find what you need. Here are some considerations…

Furnishing a rental unit?

Due to the possibility of damage using new furniture can get expensive. Furniture in a rental unit should be comfortable, sturdy, and blend in with the rest of the decor – but at some point it may have to be replaced. It can be very expensive (and disappointing) if a new item breaks or becomes stained. Furnishing rental property with used items gives you the opportunity to make the furniture more interesting, and a high quality vintage piece is still less expensive than most new items.

Do you allow pets?

If pets are allowed in the rental, the case for going with used furniture is even stronger… There’s an even greater chance for damage.

What about Beds?

High quality bed Frames and the head / foot boards are readily available on the second hand market. Note that for good reason, mattresses must be purchased new.


Accent pieces

Used Furniture
Goog accent pieces are actually easier to find in a a second hand store than in a new furniture store. The reason? Older furniture is more interesting. Cape Cod’s used furniture outlets have a lot to offer in the way of “conversation starters”.



The Cape Cod ReStore

Cape Cod has a great collection of used furniture outlets including the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in South Yarmouth. The ReStore also sells gently used appliances and other home improvement items. And, the inventory changes every day. Cape Cod also has a many thrift and consignment shops.

Vintage Furniture

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